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Based on MSCI's 2014 Women on Boards report, there continues to be a slow increase in the overall percentage of women on boards globally. Among MSCI World companies, women currently hold 17.3% of all directorships. In the US, among S&P 500 companies, women currently hold 19.0% of directorships, up from 16.9% in 2013. Upon closer examination, however, the vast majority of the gains are coming from markets that have instituted mandates and regulations to boost the ranks of women on boards. In markets lacking the regulatory 'stick,' the gains are minimal.

What is the Diverse Director DataSource?

Board diversity has been shown to improve corporate performance. The Diverse Director DataSource, also known as "3D", is a clearinghouse for potential corporate director candidates with a special emphasis on a more diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experience.

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Interested candidates can register for inclusion in the database by creating an online profile. Our staff will review completed profile information for basic qualifications and accuracy. Approved candidate profiles will be included in relevant search reports once the review process is completed.

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Shareowners, nominating committees and commercial executive/director search firms may search the combined database of potential diverse candidates and existing directors for individuals whose knowledge, skills and experience can bring fresh perspective to a boardroom and help a company achieve long-term, sustainable growth.